Registering for SSP

To use Schools Service Point you first must be a registered user. Registration is only open to representatives of non-government schools or the school’s system representatives. Once your registration is validated, Schools Service Point will send you an email confirmation with your new login ID.

Filling out the Online Registration Form

Unregistered Users

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Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully and be assured that Your details are protected under the Privacy policy of the Department. Refer to the Department of Education's Privacy Statement for more information.

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Previously Registered

The next step is to verify that you have not previously applied for a logon and password. If you have previously applied for a logon and password then you are already registered as a SSP user and you should not attempt to register again.

Requesting SSP additional access

Once you have logged into SSP, you can request additional SSP application for your school or system by clicking the “My Details” button and select the “Request Additional Access” facility.

Multiple schools or systems access

If you required additional application access across multiple schools or systems, you won’t be able to use the Request Additional Access facility.  To request multiple access you will need to contact SSP Helpdesk on 1800 677 027 .

School Details

An entry in these fields is mandatory (indicated by the *). The Australian Government Education ID (AGEID) number - formerly known as the DEEWR ID/number - is used by the system to identify your school. The AGEID number appears on various documents that have been sent to your School or System (e.g. payment details, certificates or similar reports). Please ensure that you have the AGEID number before commencing registration.

The School or Office name, Suburb, State and Postcode fields need to be entered as they are recorded on SSP. The details can be found on the Department of Education documentation and should be entered exactly as they appear there. The system will check the details entered, and your registration will fail if the details do not match.


The access you select is an indication of your role. You are required to choose access to at least one application. You can only select one role for each application listed.

Your User Details

The Department of Education will protect your personal details as outlined in our Privacy Statement. We need enough information to communicate with you and to validate your access to SSP data.

Description of the Fields

The Title field is suitable for honorifics such as Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, Prof, and so on.

The First Name and Surname fields are mandatory, and will be used on documentation. It should contain the name you would normally use on any type of official correspondence.

The Position field is the position that you hold at the School, System or Company.

The Telephone Area Code and Number should be in the form "(09) 99999999" and should be your normal daytime number.

The Facsimile number should be entered on the same basis

It is important that your email address is entered correctly. Your logon and password will be sent to the email address you enter. To make sure that the email address is correct we have included a Confirm User Email address field. Please do not copy and paste the email address as any typing error will be copied.

Organisation Details

This section is optional and its purpose is to collect information from users that are not directly employed by the school or system. We already have the school details but we are asking certain users such as accountants, members of a management company or other corporate users to enter their organisation details.  This section will only be displayed if you have requested auditor access.

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