Student Attendance Help

This is the Student Attendance Collection (STATS) Help information. 

This is not the School Services Point  (SSP) STATS module where you enter your STATS data.

For schools affected by Tropical Cyclone Debbie or the subsequent severe weather event, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note: The way you log into School Services Point (SSP) changed on 01 February 2017. 

From 01 February 2017 you will access the SSP through the School Entry Point (SEP).  Please visit the SEP for more information about this change and for instructions for obtaining a SEP log on and password and access to the SSP reporting applications, including STATS, or to update your current SEP access to include the SSP applications (including STATS, NCCD, COI, etc).

For help with SEP registration, school/campus access in SEP and access to STATS, please call 1800 677 027 and dial option 1.

Schools are required to complete the Student Attendance (STATS) for EACH of their campuses as part of their obligations under the Australian Education Act 2013.

STATS gathers data about the attendance of all full-time students at school in Year 1 through to, and including, Year 10 and UNGRADED students who are in the typical age group for students in Years 1 to 10 in non-government schools in all Australian States and Territories by year level, sex, and Indgeneity. 

Attendance data is NOT collected or reported for school studies undertaken through distance education, part-time students or for students in the Foundation Year of schooling (i.e. Year 1 minus 1), Year 11 or Year 12.

The data collected is at the school / campus level.

Non-government schools are required to enter and declare enrolment and attendance data in the STATS module of the Schools Service Point for two time periods each year:

  • Semester 1 (usually, Term 1 and 2) - the first school day of the school year through to and including the last school day of Semester 1, or until the Friday on or before 30 June if there is no break in June/July (in 2017, this date is Friday 30 June 2017);
  • Term 3 - the first day of Term 3 through to and including the last day of Term 3, or until the Friday on or before 30 September if there is no break in September/October (in 2017, this date is Friday 29 September 2017)

Data cannot be submitted to the department prior to the end of the relevant period above. Data must be provided to the collection by no later than:

  • First Semester:  02 August 2017
  • Third Term: 20 October 2017

Please see Key Dates for STATS for other important dates and related information.

When you first access STATS you will be asked to acknowledge that you are aware of your obligations and to confirm your contact details. You cannot provide data to the collection unless you intialise your school's record.  Initialisation must be completed by no later than Friday 21 April 2017.

Schools can choose between two methods to provide STATS data to the collection.

Information about what happens to the STATS data your school provides is at How STATS data is used.

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