Registering for Access

Unregistered Users

If you are a first time user, you will need to complete the Registration Process as detailed in the attached document.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully and be assured that your details are protected under the Privacy policy of the Department. Refer to the Department of Education and Training's Privacy Statement for more information.

Not sure whether you have an account? Contact us and one of our help desk analysts will be able to assist.

If you have previously applied for a logon and password then you are already registered as an SEP user and you should not attempt to register again.

Top Tips

  • At time of registration, in order to request access to your school, you will need to select Yes to both of the questions, 'Do you wish to proceed to request for access?' and 'Are you requesting access to represent a client?':
    Request for access
  • It is recommended that your chosen user name/user ID does not identify the school or organisation which you are requesting access against as SEP accounts belong to individuals and remain linked to the initially registered user. Accounts must not be shared and cannot be transferred to a different user.
  • Can't find your school's details? Try searching using only the AGEID or name of the school, leaving the other fields blank.

Access roles

The available access roles will change depending on the Client selected. Simply tick the check box beside the role and program you wish to apply for.

The roles that appear in SEP and their associated functions are as follows:

  • Data Reporting (FUAEA): Includes access to the data collections of Student Attendance, Census on the Internet, Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability, and Socio-Economic Status.
  • Finance Contact (FUAEA): Grants access to the reporting applications of Financial Questionnaire and Compliance Certification. When requested at the Approved Authority level, also grants access to payment documentation, acquittals, and the online School Estimator Tool.
  • Finance Contact (CGP): Grants access to the financial reports for the Capital Grants Program. This role is only available to representatives of Block Grant Authorities.AAR and QA roles only available for AA clients
  • Approved Authority Representative: Enables access to all functions for each school operated by the AA, including payment advice and all reporting applications; ability to notify the department of changes through the Approved Authority Application (AAA) form; and use of the SEP online Schools Estimator Tool (SET) to estimate funding. This role is only available to existing Approved Authority Representatives.
  • Qualified Accountant: This role is for users who undertake accounting certification roles associated with financial management obligations for school funding. Grants access to the Acquittal application.

Please note: Access requests may take up to five business days to be processed. The Support Team will contact you if further information is required.

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