Preparing to provide your school's NCCD data using SSP

The following are the things you should check before providing your school's data to the collection.  Checking these will make providing your data to the collection quicker and easier:

1. Is your school a systemic school? If you are a systemic school (i.e. your school is one of a group of schools with a 'head office') check with your Approved Authority (i.e. the head office) about how they want you to provide your data to the collection.  Some Approved Authorities prefer their schools to provide the data for the NCCD to the system/head office, who will then provide it to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training on behalf of their schools.  

Generally, independent schools and non-systemic Catholic schools will provide their data directly to the collection.  

If you are advised by your school's Approved Authority to provide your school's data to them, then you don't need to do any of the following checks. If you are advised to provide your school's data directly to the collection, then you need to do the following checks.

2. Do you (and/or your school's Approved Authority) have a Schools Entry Point (SEP) Log In Identifier (Login ID), valid password, access to your school's/schools' records and the data reporting and/or Approved Authority role in SEP? The NCCD SWD in the School Services Point (SSP) is now accessed through the SEP. This means you need the following:

  • SEP login ID and password
  • Your SEP login ID aligned to your school's/schools' record
  • the Data Reporting and/or the Approved Authority role for NCCD SWD for each school you need access to. 

From 2017, the Approved Authority for your school must declare the data provided to your school. We suggest you find out, as part of your preparations, who is the Approved Authority for your school and check that they have SEP access as an Approved Authority.

If you don't have a SEP login ID or password, or they don't work, or you can't access the NCCD module in SEP, please contact 1800 677 027 and dial Option 1.

Please note: a SEP login ID is allocated to an individual and NOT a school.

3. Do you have access to the NCCD module through SEP? To provide data, you must have access to the NCCD module in SEP.  If you log into SEP and can't see the NCCD SWD link on the menu under Data Collections or you can't see Data Collections at all on the screen, then you don't have access to the module - please call 1800 677 027 and dial Option 1.

4. Do you usually download a csv file (a report) from your school's technology system and then upload it to NCCD SWD? If yes, please check with the provider of your school technology system that it meets the data requirements for the NCCD SWD for 2017.  If your school system is not aligned correctly to the requirements of the NCCD SWD for 2017, then your upload to NCCD SWD may not work (for example, if there are column headings in your csv file which should not be there). Your system provider may ask you for a copy of the NCCD Data Technical Specification which they will need to ensure your system meets the data requirements for the NCCD. If you experience difficulties when uploading the file, call 1800677 027 and dial Option 5.

Last modified on Wednesday 26 July 2017 [556|10026]