Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I try to go to the Schools Service Point (SSP), I can't find it or I keep being sent to the Schools Entry Point. Why?

The way you access SSP has changed. From February 2017, you can only access SSP through the Schools Entry Point (SEP). For many SSP users, this means you will need to register as a user in SEP. SEP access is grant to an individual NOT a school.  To register for SEP you will need:

  • an email account
  • a user name of your choice
  • the AGEIDs of the schools and campuses you need access to.

To register in SEP go to Schools Entry Point in your Internet browser, click on the register button and then follow the prompts.

If you experience any difficulties registering for SEP, please call 1800 677 027 and choose Option 1.

Once your account and the schools you need access to are set up you can then access SSP.

2. I already have a SEP user account. Do I have to re-register to access SSP?

No. However, you may need to update your access rights in SEP to enable you to access your school for STATS NCCD in SSP. The ability to update your access rights is in the Account tab which appears when you have logged into SEP.  The Account tab appears near the top of the screen. 

If you experience any difficulties changing your access rights in SEP, please call 1800 677 027 and choose Option 1.

3. What do I have to do for the NCCD?

To meet the requirements of the NCCD, your school needs to identify the students receving adjustments due to disability in accordance with the NCCD Model available on the professional learning internet site ( Any questions about the model or its application should be directed to your system office or Association of Independent Schools. Next, your school needs to report the number of students, as a head count, by the level of adjustment and category of disability to which the students are aligned.  You can do this by either keying the numbers into the NCCD SWD module or by uploading a csv file to the NCCD SWD module in School Services Point (SSP).  The process is complete when your school's questionnaire status shows DECLARED by your school's Approved Authority. See also Providing your school's NCCD data located at the right of the screen.

4. When do I have to do the NCCD by?

Data for the collection (i.e. the number of students by level of adjustment and category of disability at your school) must be provided to the collection and declared by no later than Friday 22 September 2017. 

5. Who can I call if I need help?

Please see 'Who do I call for help with NCCD?' located at the right of the screen.  This part of the help information describes a number of scenarios and advises who can help with that scenario.

6. My school has no students to report for the NCCD.  Does my school still have to reply to/participate in the collection?

Yes. It is important that we know that your school has no students to report for the NCCD. The process to do this is very easy. Once you have logged into SSP and have accessed the NCCD, you will be asked if you have students to report. If you don't have students with disability to report, answer NO to the question and respond to the check box on the screen and press continue. You will then be taken to the declaration screen where you will need to confirm that the number of students is zero (there will be no numbers in the tables presented to you). Check the check box after reading the information beside it and then click on Declare - remember your Approved Authority has to declare the NCCD data to the collection.  Your school's status should change to DECLARED. This completes the process and means we know that your school has no students with disability for the NCCD to report.

7. My school's technology provider is asking me for the NCCD Data Technical Specification. Where do I find that document?

The NCCD Data Technical Specification is available in the NCCD help in the navigation at the right of the screen or you can access it here. The specification can be downloaded by your school's technology provider directly from the NCCD help information. The specification is reviewed and updated each year, so it is important that your provider access it to ensure your school system meets the collection's data requirements. The specification is usually available from mid to late March each year. The 2017 NCCD Data Technical Specification is now available.

8. My school has more than one campus.  Who should respond to the NCCD for our campuses?

Where a school has more than one campus, the Head Campus for the school must respond to the NCCD for all campuses as a single response (i.e. a school response). This means the head campus needs to add up the responses from each campus into a single response that is submitted to the collection.

9. My school is part of a group of schools who have an Approved Authority.  Who should respond to the NCCD for my school?

Schools belonging to an Approved Authority need to check with the Approved Authority about how they should respond to the NCCD. But remember, the Approved Authority or the Approved Authorities representative must declare the data to the NCCD collection.

10. Why does the Approved Authority now have to declare the data to NCCD?

Because NCCD data will now be used to inform school funding, the Approved Authority for the school must declare the NCCD data for the school. This is because the school's Approved Authority is responsible for the school's funding under the Australian Education Act 2013. The data can be entered into the SSP NCCD module by a person at the school with access to do this, but the Approved Authority must declare the data.

11. I've uploaded my CSV file for my school, but I am getting errors. What should I do?

Common reasons a CSV file will cause errors are:

  • The data definition (i.e how the data shows in the file) is not according to the NCCD Data Technical Specification (available at the right).
  • The file contains headings or words that should not be there.  For example, the file you are loading has column headings in it or the words for the levels of adjustment and category of disability in the file do not match the allowable wording described in the NCCD Data Technical Specification (available at the right).

Check the file for these common errors.  If they are not present please contact our help desk on 1800 677 027, and dial option 5.

12. Where can I find information about the new school funding arrangements?

The Australian Government's Department of Education and Training internet site has information about the new school funding arrangements. This includes resources about the starting Commonwealth share of the School Resource Standard (SRS) and the annual students with disability loading.

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