Providing your schools NCCD Data

Each Approved Authority decides how and when their schools will provide data to the collection and advises their schools accordingly. 

Generally, independent schools and non-systemic Catholic schools will provide their data using this system. Systemic Catholic schools should check the arrangements that apply to them with their Approved Authority. 

Data for the collection is provided at school level and is a head count.  This means if your school has more than one campus, the data for all campuses must be collated to the school level and then submitted by the Head Campus for the school.

A comprehensive user guide for providing data to the collection is available (with screen shots) at the right. The user guide covers both of the methods for providing data shown below.  Please note, the user guide will be updated immediately prior to the collection opening.

There are two methods by which non-government schools and their Education Authorities can provide their data for the NCCD_SWD:

1.         Direct Entry into the Schools Services Point: Manually input (key) the data into the NCCD SWD.

2.         CSV File Upload: Upload the data using a comma-separated value (CSV) into the NCCD SWD.

There are two CSV templates available. These templates are recommended for use if you are not downloading a CSV file from your school's technology system and want to upload your data using a CSV file. They are designed to meet the data requirements of the NCCD. Each template contains a READ ME tab with step by step instructions for using the template. The two templates are:

CSV Template for Individual Schools Data Collection (2017):  this template is used by an individual school to provide their data either to their Education Authority for submission by that authority or to submit the data themselves. However, we recommend that any schools submitting only their data (i.e. not going through an Education Authority) do so through direct entry of the data into the Schools Service Point – that is, use method one above; it is easier and quicker.

CSV Template for Multiple Schools Data Provision (2017):  this template is used by Education Authorities to provide the data for multiple schools. We strongly recommend this template is used in conjunction with the Individual School Template. They have been designed to work seamlessly together.


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