Financial Questionnaire

The Financial Questionnaire is an annual collection of data about income, expenditure, assets and liabilities from all non-government schools receiving Australian Government general recurrent grants.

Information provided for entry into the Financial Questionnaire must be drawn from a school’s audited financial statements. It is important that  financial statements have been audited well before declaring data in the Financial Questionnaire.

Several amendments have been incorporated into the 2016 (2015 data) Financial Questionnaire, these are mainly limited to:

  • Aligning the Financial Questionnaire to the Australian Education Act 2013 and the Australian Education Regulation 2013

Please Note: The sample spreadsheets and the Chart of Accounts have been revised to reflect these minor changes and it is highly recommended that you read through the instructions before entering and submitting your Financial Questionnaire data.

Chart of Accounts

Both the Accrual and Cash Chart of Accounts are designed to allow non-government schools to track their income, expenditure, assets and liabilities in a manner that will simplify reporting in the Financial Questionnaire.

The Chart of Accounts can be used as is or as a guide to the development of non-government schools' accounting and financial reporting systems.

Schools may opt to:

  • adopt this Chart of Accounts in total; or

  • use it for direction for recording transactions in the school's own chart of accounts; or

  • seek advice from your accounting software provider about using this Chart of Accounts in conjunction with their platform.

Preliminary My School  Finance Report

To assist schools to understand how their Financial Questionnaire data will be used to produce My School finance reports, the Department of Education and Training has developed a tool that allows schools to input their Financial Questionnaire data in order to preview a preliminary My School finance report based on their 2016 (2015 data) Financial Questionnaire return. Note that this preliminary report is provided as a guide and will not include possible allocations of costs incurred by third parties, which are required under the My School finance data collection methodology.

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