Client Details

The Client Details component of Schools Service Point is used to maintain external stakeholder information held by the Department. This includes the details of Australian schools and their authorities which are used to fund them under the Australian Education Act 2013.

Client Details contains hierarchical relationships between client records to facilitate the management and funding responsibilities of clients. For example, a school can have one or more campuses and may belong to a system.

Each client record contains a summary of information including, Australian Government Education ID (AGEID) - formerly known as the DEEWR number - client type, client name, location, state, contact details, client characteristics, relationships, account details and client History.

Clients have view only access to the system and can see their own details and the details of clients they have responsibilities for, they are able to search and export these details into a Microsoft Excel CSV format.

Client type is used to group clients, and the groups are identified by a two letter code.  The client types can be viewed on the home page under Acronyms.

Changes to client information

Organisations can apply for changes to client information or to apply for various types of funding, by completing an Approved Authority Application (AAA) form.

The AAA Form is an online form available on School Entry Point (SEP) at under the Forms tab. To complete the AAA form you will need to have a School Entry Point User account with the correct level of access.

This form enables:

  • An applicant to apply to be an Approved Authority (AA) under the Australian Education Act 2013 (AE Act) (new AA); and
  • An existing AA to vary any of their details contained in the form.

The AAA Form must be completed by the AA main contact or a key individual. These are key individuals who are authorised to act on behalf of the AA.

Applications will only be accepted via the online AAA form. Applications posted or emailed to the Department will not be accepted.

Access Levels

Applying as a New Authority

Once you have a School Entry Point User Account you do not need any additional access to complete the form.  Please note that if your authority is approved to receive funding and has been given an Australian Government Education ID (AGEID) you will need to apply for the Approved Authority Representative role if you need to amend any details for your authority.

Applying as an Existing Authority

To amend existing details for your authority you must have requested and been granted access to the Approved Authority Representative role against your Approved Authority’s Australian Government Education ID (AGEID). To be granted the Approved Authority Representative role you must be listed as an existing Approved Authority signatory in the department’s School Service Point application.

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