Welcome to Schools Service Point Help.

The Schools Service Point application and the Schools Service Point Help site have undergone a refresh and you will notice that things have changed.  There is a new look and streamlined navigation. Content has been reorganised to provide users with improved access and online service. People who use assistive technologies will also find it easier to access our online information. More information on the differences between old and new School Service Point can be seen in the summary of changes.

Schools Service Point

Schools Service Point is a web application that connects non-government schools with the Department of Education and Training.  Schools Service Point is made up of a number different sub applications that support the distribution of funding, the collection and sharing of data, and the development of education policy and programs. There are elements with which schools must comply to receive funding under the Australian Education Act 2013 and the Schools Assistance Act 2008, this includes compliance requirements and the mandatory submission of data.  Data collected in Schools Service Point is used in a number of ways. More often than not it is used to calculate funding allocations, however some of this information is published and shared in accordance with the Australian Education Act 2013.

Access to Schools Service Point is restricted to the representatives on non-government schools and the school systems to which they belong. If you require access to Schools Service Point you must first complete the online registration process.

Schools Service Point Help

This site is designed to help users of the Schools Service Point application.  You will find helpful information related to each sub application of Schools Service Point. On this site you will find guidance material, Frequently Asked Questions, definitions, statistical information, contact information and more.  It is your first point of call when looking for information regarding Schools Service Point and its functions.